How we organized the delivery of GPU server for AI and machine learning implementation: from client request to rent with buyout option

Innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions can bring great value to businesses. Automating routine operations, improving customer service, high-performance computing, code generation, creating virtual reality applications, performing complex tasks – in whatever capacity artificial intelligence is used, it provides additional benefits and allows you to set yourself apart from competitors. With such a powerful tool at […]

Host your AWS Outpost Rack hardware in our data center!

Now CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH is accepting requests to host AWS Outpost Rack server racks in its data center in Frankfurt am Main! Everyone who uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions now has the opportunity to build and migrate a fully managed AWS hardware solution to their own data center. Together with the hardware, the […]

To new opportunities together with RETN and Hetzner!

In March 2024, a milestone event took place: CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH signed a partnership agreement with RETN Group. RETN is one of the fastest growing global Internet network providers. RETN’s extensive network includes more than 860 points of presence (POPs) in 40 countries and dedicated data exchange channels between the largest data centers in the […]

Company news: CloudKleyer – sponsor of the event “Charity – Eine Nacht für Kinder 2024”

CloudKleyer Frankfurt am Main GmbH is pleased to announce its participation in the charity event “Charity – Eine Nacht für Kinder”, which took place on June 12, 2024 in the atrium of the ODDO BHF bank in Frankfurt. The event, organized by the charity foundation MainLichtblick e.V. brought together many guests and partners who came […]

New DDoS protection partner and optimisation of hardware support

New DDoS protection partner In order to adapt to the geopolitical situation, due to technical issues, and for client safety reasons, we have canceled our partnership with DDoS-Guard in 2022. The vendor’s solution was very competent, showed the highest results among analogs (in terms of stability and other indicators) during an independent evaluation, and generally […]

Service provider in Germany: the beginning of CloudKleyer’s journey

Today CloudKleyer is one of the leading service providers in Germany. How did the history of the company begin, who came up with the idea to organize the business, what role did Oracle play and what is the basis for the success of the project?

Celebrating an anniversary

In 2023, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. During this time, we have arrived at a confident business model and developed a strong, cohesive team with a core of highly qualified professionals. Most of our employees have been dedicated to the company for more than 7-8 years, and the managing director and […]

First services and hardware

First services Even at the startup stage, CloudKleyer’s CTO planned the launch of certain services. At the same time, in 2013, a product catalog was formed, which included such types of services as: colocation; Internet provisioning; virtual infrastructure; storage; interconnect; ensuring network security; consulting (consulting on migration issues, technical advice on products, optimization of solutions […]

The history of the logo

The gnome, clock and antlers were the first symbols of CloudKleyer. Learn why this symbolism was selected.

Data center

Why our data center is trustworthy and provides maximum security for our clients: read more in our blog.

Why we selected this name and why we placed the resources specifically in Frankfurt on Kleyerstrasse

Find out why we selected this name and why we placed the resources specifically in Frankfurt on Kleyerstrasse.

Relocating to a new data center in Frankfurt, building a turnkey IT infrastructure

Within framework of the partnership with one of our oldest clients, the oil and gas company, we had to solve various tasks: from server configuration and relocating to a new data center to remote creation of IT infrastructure on a turnkey basis. Today we will tell you how we worked on the largest project for […]

Relocating servers of the gambling company to Frankfurt: reasons for the relocation, infrastructure development, benefits for the client

IT infrastructure unavailability, even for a short period of time, can cause major losses. When the data center does not guarantee protection against risks, the business has one thing left: relocating servers to a provider which gives 99.999% access to the servers.

Relocation to the data center: the case of IT infrastructure migration in Frankfurt

When IT infrastructure goes into a critical state due to service provider’s fault, relocation to a more reliable data center becomes a necessity. This case study will tell you how migration to the new data center in Frankfurt took place, what benefits the business received from the relocation, and how the client saves €50,000 per year.

CloudKleyer at the Digitalization Congress: advanced technologies and new horizons of cooperation

Frankfurt, Klassikstadt, November 10, 2023 – CloudKleyer, as one of Europe’s leading service providers, represented by Jan Weller and Olga Buyanova, participated in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Digitalization Congress (Digitalisierungs Kongress) held in Frankfurt, confirming its fiery commitment to innovation in digital transformation. Digital evolution The Congress provided a unique opportunity to get acquainted […]

Case study: How to reduce business costs in Europe by 15% by moving IT infrastructure to the Frankfurt data center

As a service provider, we have mutually beneficial partnerships with a large number of companies in various sectors of the economy. They often recommend us to their clients and partners. This was the case with the project we want to tell you about in this case study. Background One of our business partners is engaged […]

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