CloudKleyer at the Digitalization Congress: advanced technologies and new horizons of cooperation

Frankfurt, Klassikstadt, November 10, 2023 – CloudKleyer, as one of Europe’s leading service providers, represented by Jan Weller and Olga Buyanova, participated in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Digitalization Congress (Digitalisierungs Kongress) held in Frankfurt, confirming its fiery commitment to innovation in digital transformation. Digital evolution The Congress provided a unique opportunity to get acquainted […]

Case study: How to reduce business costs in Europe by 15% by moving IT infrastructure to the Frankfurt data center

As a service provider, we have mutually beneficial partnerships with a large number of companies in various sectors of the economy. They often recommend us to their clients and partners. This was the case with the project we want to tell you about in this case study. Background One of our business partners is engaged […]

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