Data centre

Relocating to a new data center in Frankfurt, building a turnkey IT infrastructure

Within framework of the partnership with one of our oldest clients, the oil and gas company, we had to solve various tasks: from server configuration and relocating to a new data center to remote creation of IT infrastructure on a turnkey basis. Today we will tell you how we worked on the largest project for […]

Relocating servers of the gambling company to Frankfurt: reasons for the relocation, infrastructure development, benefits for the client

IT infrastructure unavailability, even for a short period of time, can cause major losses. When the data center does not guarantee protection against risks, the business has one thing left: relocating servers to a provider which gives 99.999% access to the servers.

Relocation to the data center: the case of IT infrastructure migration in Frankfurt

When IT infrastructure goes into a critical state due to service provider’s fault, relocation to a more reliable data center becomes a necessity. This case study will tell you how migration to the new data center in Frankfurt took place, what benefits the business received from the relocation, and how the client saves €50,000 per year.

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