New DDoS protection partner and optimisation of hardware support

New DDoS protection partner In order to adapt to the geopolitical situation, due to technical issues, and for client safety reasons, we have canceled our partnership with DDoS-Guard in 2022. The vendor’s solution was very competent, showed the highest results among analogs (in terms of stability and other indicators) during an independent evaluation, and generally […]

Celebrating an anniversary

In 2023, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. During this time, we have arrived at a confident business model and developed a strong, cohesive team with a core of highly qualified professionals. Most of our employees have been dedicated to the company for more than 7-8 years, and the managing director and […]

First services and hardware

First services Even at the startup stage, CloudKleyer’s CTO planned the launch of certain services. At the same time, in 2013, a product catalog was formed, which included such types of services as: colocation; Internet provisioning; virtual infrastructure; storage; interconnect; ensuring network security; consulting (consulting on migration issues, technical advice on products, optimization of solutions […]

The history of the logo

The gnome, clock and antlers were the first symbols of CloudKleyer. Learn why this symbolism was selected.

Data center

Why our data center is trustworthy and provides maximum security for our clients: read more in our blog.

Why we selected this name and why we placed the resources specifically in Frankfurt on Kleyerstrasse

Find out why we selected this name and why we placed the resources specifically in Frankfurt on Kleyerstrasse.

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