Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a cloud infrastructure, operated exclusively for a single organization and managed on a private network.

Private Clouds are often used by government agencies, financial institutions, and other mid- to large-sized organizations with mission-critical operations to provide extensive control over the environment and customize it to meet individual needs.

Virtualization at cloudKleyer GmbH is based on the Oracle VM VirtualBox. This allows multiple operating systems to run on

Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris. The private cloud solution of cloudKleyer GmbH can be provided either ON-PREMISES or OFF-PREMISES.

Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting can be performed by cloudKleyer system administrators.

Through a 24/7/365 trouble ticket system, troubleshooting is done systematically. Organizations can choose between cloudKleyer standard SLA and an individual SLA.

In addition, a platform developed by cloudKleyer allows the customer to manage the virtual machines independently.

The security of the private cloud can be enhanced by the optionally available cyber security products and services.

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    Advantages of a private cloud:
  • Use video and 3D acceleration (OpenGL, DirectX) for e.g. CAD applications.
  • The cloud environment is adapted to specific business requirements.
  • Resources are not shared, allowing for a higher level of control and security.
  • Private clouds still offer the scalability and efficiency of a public cloud.
LocationLocation – Multiple global locations
– On site with the customer
– Multiple global locations
– On site with the customer

VirtualizationVirtualization Oracle VM, KVMOracle VM, KVM
VM OSVM OS – Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris
– Video and 3D acceleration (OpenGL, DirectX)
– Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris
– Video and 3D acceleration (OpenGL, DirectX)
ON-/OFF-PREMISEON-/OFF-PREMISE – Private Anbindung (nach Möglichkeit)
– Private Cloud vor Ort
– Öffentlicher Anschluss + LTE
– Private Anbindung (nach Möglichkeit)
– Private Cloud vor Ort
– Öffentlicher Anschluss + LTE
SLASLA – 99,99 %
– 24/7/356
– Trouble Ticket System
– 99,99 %
– 24/7/356
– Trouble Ticket System
ConnectionConnection – 100 Mb/200 Mb/300 Mb/500 Mb/750 Mb/1 Gb/2 Gb/10 Gb
– Flat rate
– DE-CIX connection
– 100 Mb/200 Mb/300 Mb/500 Mb/750 Mb/1 Gb/2 Gb/10 Gb
– Flat rate
– DE-CIX connection
– 3 Uplinks
– 2 data centers in Frankfurt am Main with DWDM connection
– Backup

– 3 Uplinks
– 2 data centers in Frankfurt am Main with DWDM connection
– Backup
Cyber SecurityCyber Security Acronis– DDoS Protected Network
– Encryption
– Centralized incident management and reporting tool

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is a widespread method for cost-effective and fast provision of Cloud Computing.The cloud resources (such as servers and storage) belong to cloudKleyer. The provisioning is done according to an individual requirement.

All hardware, software and other supporting infrastructure is owned and managed by cloudKleyer GmbH.

Public cloud solutions are commonly used to deliver web-based email, online office applications, storage, and test and development environments.

The virtualization is based on the Oracle VM Box and enables Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris operating systems.Optionally the security measures can be added.

A regular backup with Acronis Cyber Backup protects against data loss and enables fast recovery of the public cloud.You don’t need to buy any hardware or software and only pay for the service you use.No maintenance – your service provider takes care of maintenance.

Virtually unlimited scalability – resources are available on demand to meet your business needs.

    Our Service:

  • No traffic limitation during data transfer
  • Fixed, transparent prices
  • Individual scalability
  • Fast technical support
  • Personal contact
  • Visit of the data center is possible
LocationLocation Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt am Main
OSOS – Windows
– Linux
– Oracle Solaris
– Windows
– Linux
– Oracle Solaris
vCPUvCPU Up to 64Up to 64
RAM (GiB)RAM (GiB) Up to 128Up to 128
HDD (GB)HDD (GB) Up to 10 TB SSDUp to 10 TB SSD
TrafficTraffic Flatrate, DE-CIX connectedFlatrate, DE-CIX connected
IPIP Static, IPv4 & IPv6Static, IPv4 & IPv6
BackupBackup AcronisAcronis
SupportSupport 24/7/36524/7/365
Cyber SecurityCyber Security – Optional
– DDoS-protected IP
– Optional
– DDoS-protected IP
High AvailibilityHigh Availibility On requestOn request

File Cloud

Sending and sharing large amounts of data or files with security-critical content such as customer databases, 3D models, contracts.

The data is held in our data center in Frankfurt am Main.

Our service:

  • Storage of the data in our TIER3+ data center in Frankfurt am Main
  • Multiplatform, DE-CIX connection and redundant IT infrastructure (fail-safe)
  • Unlimited traffic without throttling, no limit on number and size of files
  • Access logging: Every data change and access is logged
  • Scalable memory/storage volume can be customized very quickly
  • Automatic backup: Intervals can be set individually
  • Any number of users
  • Management of rights
  • Files & folders easily divisible (internal and external)
  • Password protected and time limited release links
  • Desktop software for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows
  • Mount network drive and work together easily
  • Optional: Encryption from any end device
  • VPN connection from any end device (desktop or mobile)
  • Country-specific, legally compliant encryption of data transmission
Public File Sync& Share Services
File and folder storageFile and folder storage YesYes
Synchronization across multiple devicesSynchronization across multiple devices YesYes
File and folder sharingFile and folder sharing YesYes
Version history Version history YesYes
Recovery of deleted dataRecovery of deleted data LimitedLimited
Web/App/PC/Mac clientsWeb/App/PC/Mac clients YesYes
In-App file editingIn-App file editing LimitedLimited
Public cloud data storagePublic cloud data storage NoNo
Private cloud data storage (data center of the service provider)Private cloud data storage (data center of the service provider) YesYes
Integration with Odin AutomationIntegration with Odin Automation LimitedLimited
Integration with Acronis StoraIntegration with Acronis Stora NoNo
Easy bundling with Acronis productsEasy bundling with Acronis products NoNo
ProfitabilityProfitability LowLow
Customer loyaltyCustomer loyalty LowLow
Audit trail and history of all transactionsAudit trail and history of all transactions LimitedLimited
Multi-level user security for multiple clientsMulti-level user security for multiple clients LimitedLimited
White Label/BrandingWhite Label/Branding NoNo
Custom e-mail notificationsCustom e-mail notifications NoNo
Hardware LocationHardware Location Frankfurt am Main, TIER3+ DatacenterFrankfurt am Main, TIER3+ Datacenter
Data transferData transfer Unlimited, up to 10 GB/s and downloadUnlimited, up to 10 GB/s and download
ConnectivitytConnectivity Redundant uplinks, DE-CIX connectionRedundant uplinks, DE-CIX connection
File size limitFile size limit No limitNo limit
OS AppsOS Apps – Windows
– Linux
– Oracle Solaris
– Windows
– Linux
– Oracle Solaris

Hybrid Cloud

The cloudKleyer hybrid cloud solution allows you to combine your private cloud or public cloud with a third-party public cloud.

A private cloud can be used to store and manage security-related data (such as customer or patient data). The business services can be provided via an externally available public cloud service.

This approach makes it possible to meet temporary capacity requirements and increase redundancy by using different services.

Hybrid Cloud

Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop
Linux Virtual Desktop
Oracle Virtual Desktop
System MS Windows 10 64 Bit LINUX 64 Bit Oracle Solaris 64 Bit
SystemRAM MS Windows 10 64 Bit8 Gb LINUX 64 Bit8 Gb Oracle Solaris 64 Bit8 Gb
SystemCPU Kernel MS Windows 10 64 Bit4 LINUX 64 Bit4 Oracle Solaris 64 Bit4
SystemHDD MS Windows 10 64 Bit 50 GB LINUX 64 Bit 50 GB > Oracle Solaris 64 Bit 50 GB
SystemBackup MS Windows 10 64 BitYes LINUX 64 BitYes Oracle Solaris 64 BitYes
SystemIP DDoS MS Windows 10 64 BitOptional LINUX 64 BitOptional Oracle Solaris 64 BitOptional
SystemVPN MS Windows 10 64 BitYes LINUX 64 BitYes Oracle Solaris 64 BitYes

Digital Workplace

Virtualize your infrastructure to increase efficiency/mobility and reduce IT costs.

In a consultation we can answer your questions in detail and personally and create a process for your individual virtualization.

The most important functions can be checked by you in a non-binding test.

Digital Workplace

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