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Why we selected this name and why we placed the resources specifically in Frankfurt on Kleyerstrasse

Why CloudKleyer

Naming the company is the first step towards creating a memorable brand. The decision to select the name CloudKleyer for our company was prudently and carefully considered. Each part of the name carries a certain meaning. If cloud is a reference to cloud storage, then kleyer takes us to Kleyer Strasse, which has been the center of telecommunications in Frankfurt for more than 100 years. It is at this point that the technological fort and the core of the company are located. And this name embodies reliability, innovation and the highest standards of information technology, which we follow from the very first steps.

Why Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is rightfully considered not only the most economically strong area, but also the central telecommunications hub of Germany, as well as the largest city in Europe in terms of the number of DCs (500+).

  • Occupying 4% of the total area of the country, Frankfurt am Main generates more than 8% of Germany’s GDP.
  • 5% of German industrial corporations are located in this region.
  • Almost all European operators and Internet service providers are present here.
  • DE-CIX, the largest Internet hub in the world (90% of IP traffic in Germany, 35% of global IP traffic), is located in Frankfurt. The delay in communication with other European cities is only 8 milliseconds.
  • Frankfurt has a reliable source of high-power electricity.
  • The length of fiber optic networks in Frankfurt is more than 4,000 km.
  • Data centers located in the city occupy a total of 400,000+ square meters.

Electricity availability, a redundant fiber–optic network, a broadband communication channel, a large number of data centers: all this provides reliability and unsurpassed opportunities for fast data exchange:

  • reliable power supply system and maximum network stability;
  • low latency of data access;
  • highest throughput;
  • wide range of service providers.

That’s why we selected Frankfurt as the location for the CloudKleyer infrastructure.

Why Kleyerstrasse

If Frankfurt is the largest telecommunications center in Germany, then Kleyerstrasse is its heart. The address 89 Kleyer Street has been known since 1916, when the representative office of the pioneer in the field of telecommunications, Telefon & Telegraphenbau GmbH (TTG), opened here. Today, this street (Kleyerstrasse 75-87) is home to Telehouse, the most secure data center in Frankfurt, located on 25,000 square meters.

More than 500 international telecom operators and Internet service providers have already selected this neighborhood for their points of presence (POPs). Important POPs of well-known companies are in the immediate vicinity:

  • the largest Level 3 Mega-POP data center outside the United States (Rüsselsheimer Straße, 22);
  • Colocation Center of Level 3 (Kleyerstrasse, 82);
  • Vodafone Mega-POP (Galluspark);
  • Colocation Center of EQUINIX (Kleyerstrasse, 90);
  • Plus.line (Mainzer Landstrasse).

If you want to connect to the fastest and most reliable network in the digital world, Kleyerstrasse is the best option. This location has been and remains the most advanced in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

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