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To new opportunities together with RETN and Hetzner!

In March 2024, a milestone event took place: CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH signed a partnership agreement with RETN Group.

RETN is one of the fastest growing global Internet network providers. RETN’s extensive network includes more than 860 points of presence (POPs) in 40 countries and dedicated data exchange channels between the largest data centers in the world. The provider offers its clients a wide range of services such as IP transit, Ethernet & VPN, Capacity, Remote peering to major IXPs, Colocation and Cloud Connect.

The new agreement will allow CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH to get at its disposal a high-speed dedicated channel with one of the world’s largest data centers Hetzner. Now our clients have even more opportunities to organize geo-distributed infrastructure in Europe and worldwide, even more opportunities to build high-speed, reliable and stable corporate data exchange networks.

CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH is consistently developing, finding new opportunities and offering its clients the highest level of service. Every year our capabilities are growing and our partners are becoming more and more numerous. We are ready to offer all our clients the latest technologies, the most advanced solutions and the best business cooperation prospects. Contact us to learn even more about our services, benefits and bonuses.

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