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The history of the logo

While developing the corporate identity concept for CloudKleyer, we immersed ourselves in the world of German culture, finding inspiration in symbols that are rooted in its rich heritage. The first logos became living emblems reflecting both the cultural traditions of Germany and the principles underlying our work. Initially, three objects were selected as distinctive signs: a dwarf, a deer’s head with antlers, and a cuckoo clock. And that’s why.

The gnome is not only the embodiment of the German folklore tradition, but also a symbol of pedantry and accuracy, which are manifested even in nuances. Before installing the figurine, German gardeners with special diligence (sometimes even with scissors) cut the grass so that each site looks flawless. As part of CloudKleyer’s corporate identity, the gnome reflects our care and attention to the smallest details.

The history of the logo

The characteristic inhabitants of German forests, the noble deer, whose antlers are embodied in our logo, symbolize nature and unity with the environment. According to historians, until recently, deer outnumbered even European roe deer. Emphasizes the importance of these beautiful animals in German culture and the fact that they have long been a symbol of hunting and are actively used in heraldry and branding. Deer are present on the coat of arms of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the emblem of the Württemberg Porsche company, on the label of the famous herbal liqueur Jägermeister, demonstrating a deep connection with the history and traditions of the country. Inspired by such examples, we also decided to include deer antlers in corporate symbols, thereby emphasizing the traditional values of the company and deep respect for the environment in every aspect of our business.

A cuckoo clock, as a symbol of German precision and craftsmanship in watchmaking, completes this palette. The logo where they are depicted reflects our commitment to perfection in every detail and focus on the highest quality standards.

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