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New DDoS protection partner and optimisation of hardware support

New DDoS protection partner

In order to adapt to the geopolitical situation, due to technical issues, and for client safety reasons, we have canceled our partnership with DDoS-Guard in 2022.

The vendor’s solution was very competent, showed the highest results among analogs (in terms of stability and other indicators) during an independent evaluation, and generally satisfied clients. However, due to geopolitical problems, we were forced to part ways with this security provider. Consequently, we had to look for and implement a new DDoS protection solution.

After monitoring and analyzing the market, a solution from Gcore was selected, which we are using to this day. Gcore is a large company with a representative office in Luxembourg, has good connectivity not only in Europe, but also in the world. Today, this solution provides the greatest stability compared to others.

Optimization of hardware support

Initially, we equipped the infrastructure with “young” hardware that was under warranty from the manufacturer. In 2016, the warranty expired and we needed to extend our support contracts. We selected service providers that had the most suitable terms for us at that time.

During the life of the company, the line of hardware was constantly changing. Something became obsolete, we expanded, and new hardware appeared. In addition, clients relocated with their hardware, which also needed to be serviced. Service contracts were modified accordingly. Over time, we were left with four support contractors.

By 2022, we started clearly understand with which of the service companies it was more convenient and comfortable to work, so we decided to optimize and streamline relations with them. As a result, we selected two most reliable service providers: one became the main service provider and the other became an additional one.


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