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Host your AWS Outpost Rack hardware in our data center!

Now CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH is accepting requests to host AWS Outpost Rack server racks in its data center in Frankfurt am Main!

Everyone who uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions now has the opportunity to build and migrate a fully managed AWS hardware solution to their own data center. Together with the hardware, the client receives all tools, API, and AWS services.

How does it work?

  1. In the AWS Outpost console, the client places an order to build an AWS Outpost Rack, remotely designs the hardware configuration, and selects the compute power value and storage capacity.
  2. AWS specialists assemble the ordered configuration, deliver the rack to the selected data center, connect and configure the hardware on-site. The client receives the new infrastructure for rent.
  3. You can create and deploy required applications on AWS Outpost Rack hardware using standard AWS management interface.
  4. AWS takes care of monitoring, maintenance and upgrade of the hardware.

Who needs AWS Outpost Rack service?

First of all, the local hosting of AWS hardware is necessary for those companies that use the Amazon Web Services public cloud to organize business processes. The solution allows you to host and store information in a specific country or geographic region. This is critically important condition for banks, financial organizations and companies that are legally bound to host and store information within specific geographic boundaries.

How does CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH help with AWS Outpost Rack hardware hosting?

  1. For AWS Outpost Rack hardware we allocate space in a Tier 3 class data center next to other hardware of the client (if there is any).
  2. We provide up to 8 kW of power supply with scalability options.
  3. We provide access to the server rack for AWS technical staff.

The data center is equipped with the state-of-the-art fire safety systems and backup air conditioning equipment. Security personnel are on duty 24/7 in the data center, and access to the server rooms is possible only by using biometric data.

By hosting AWS Outpost Rack hardware in our data center, each client gets the opportunity to use additional services and receive bonuses from CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. To learn more about the benefits, click on the button and contact our consultants.


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