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First services and hardware

First services

Even at the startup stage, CloudKleyer’s CTO planned the launch of certain services. At the same time, in 2013, a product catalog was formed, which included such types of services as:

  • colocation;
  • Internet provisioning;
  • virtual infrastructure;
  • storage;
  • interconnect;
  • ensuring network security;
  • consulting (consulting on migration issues, technical advice on products, optimization of solutions using proprietary products).

These areas have become the main services that CloudKleyer provides today, both to legal entities and individuals. We have never abandoned the types of services: only expanded and updated the list depending on the release of new technologies on the market, change of software vendors, in accordance with trends and client requests.

First hardware

Since opening the company in 2013, we have based our infrastructure on hardware from leading vendors in the IT industry. The first vendor of server hardware was Fujitsu. The choice was based on the fact that the company’s products were widely distributed at the time and we had good partnerships with this manufacturer. Initially, our server infrastructure was completely based on Fujitsu technologies. At the same time, the vendor’s products became not only the basis of the company’s infrastructure, but also the preferred choice for our clients.

When it comes to the network, Juniper hardware has become an integral part of our network infrastructure. And many of our clients still select to use Juniper products because of their recognized reliability, efficiency, and relatively low cost.

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