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Celebrating an anniversary

In 2023, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. During this time, we have arrived at a confident business model and developed a strong, cohesive team with a core of highly qualified professionals. Most of our employees have been dedicated to the company for more than 7-8 years, and the managing director and technical director have been with the company since its founding.

We are ready for any challenges! Experience, professionalism, flexibility, well–coordinated teamwork: all this allows us to adapt to a variety of circumstances, overcome difficulties, and find the best solutions in the most difficult crisis situations.

Key results of the year. The problems caused by the pandemic did not end in 2023. The crisis affected various aspects of life and business, but even in such conditions we did not give up and continued to work actively:

  • participate in significant professional events;
  • make new contacts;
  • introduce new products;
  • improve the service;
  • individually solve the tasks set by our clients, striving to meet their needs and expectations.

In 2023, CloudKleyer once again showed stability and progress: our turnover increased by 13%. This is an impressive result considering the ongoing crisis.

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