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Data center

In the digital world, where data is constantly under threat, the reliability of a service provider is becoming an essential value. Our data center is not just a building with modern telecommunications: it is a fortified fortress equipped with advanced security systems that guarantee the smooth operation of hardware, network stability, speed and safety of information.

Security and access

  • The main control room operates 24/7.
  • The facility has a technical control system with 15,000+ checkpoints.
  • Video surveillance of the entrances to the building and the open area.
  • Perimeter fence protection.
  • Access control system with contactless identification card.

The highest reliability of power supply

  • Reliable power supply using two backup and independent power sources.
  • The total capacity is 21 MW.
  • The uninterruptible power supply system includes 25 stations with a total capacity of 12 MW.
  • 14 emergency diesel generators with a total capacity of 22 MW are used for backup power supply in case of an emergency shutdown of the stationary electric grid.

Our DC is the only one in Frankfurt to have two independent power suppliers in addition to stand-alone UPS and emergency generators.

Reliable fire protection/fire extinguishing system

  • Optical/thermal fire detectors on two levels (ceiling and raised floor).
  • Active inert gas fire extinguishing system using Inergen.
  • Early detection system (RAS-System).

Cooling/ventilation system

  • 12 cooling units with a total capacity of 16 MW.
  • Forced air cooling in individual cooling corridors is used to cool the cabinets/server cages.

There are no forced air coolers and water supply in server cages and equipment rooms.

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