• E-mails
  • Dates/Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Contacts/Addresses
  • Notes
  • Mobile E-mail access via ActiveSync technology
  • E-mail retrieval via POP3/IMAP4, E-mail delivery via SMTP
  • Global Address Book

Virtualization of a company

Digital transformation with cloudKleyer: a success story

Our customer, a car dealer for luxury brands, started with one location, an attached workshop with ten employees and was initially a local family business with basic equipment for the activity: With a Microsoft Small Business Server under the table, for the basic functions such as e-mail (Microsoft Exchange Server), document storage (file server) and EPR as well as CRM.

The rapid development within 4.5 years with an increase to 100 employees and the opening of subsidiaries with associated showrooms and workshops throughout Germany posed new challenges for the IT infrastructure.

cloudKleyer’s task was defined as follows:

  • Taking over the support of the existing IT infrastructure, planning and implementing the infrastructure adapted to the new challenges, administration and helpdesk organization of the entire company. A smooth transition from the old infrastructure to the new one without process interruption.
  • Taking over the support of the existing IT infrastructure, planning and implementing the infrastructure adapted to the new challenges, administration and helpdesk organization of the entire company. A smooth transition from the old infrastructure to the new one without process interruption.

Special challenge:

  • The branches in different cities are the showrooms and the specialized workshops, depending on the make of car and distributed at different locations within a city.
  • The employees are constantly on the move and have to access company documents, databases and other data protection-critical information.
  • The entire on-site IT infrastructure such as access points, printers, local networks and the workstations are to be managed centrally.
  • Communication and data storage must comply with legal regulations.
  • Installation of a VoIP telephone access to the company database and communication must be on-premises and off-premises.
The implementation of the cloudKleyer digitalization concept:
  • Inventory and analysis of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Development of an IT architecture and planning of the smooth transition (migration)
  • Organization of a helpdesk and a ticket system for the employees
  • Migration of the outdated Windows SBS-2008 company server to a server system with Exchange Server, Terminal Server, LDAP, Microservices, Documentation Server and File Server
  • Virtualization of infrastructure components such as servers, routers and desktops and their operation in the cloudKleyer data center to increase physical security; a connection to multiple Internet providers (AS200187) for Internet access provides redundancy (failover)
  • Establish a secure connection using a VPN solution by installing the clients on individual company laptops; connect the printers to the global company network with the cloudKleyer plug&play VPN adapter
  • Creation of IT security guidelines, procurement and installation of hardware
  • Step-by-step commissioning of the virtual system to ensure continuous operation
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the network
  • Increase cyber security by protecting the network and the Internet site against DDoS attacks, regular updates of e-mail exchange filters and anti-virus software
  • Integration of autonomous systems for network monitoring
  • Installation of redundant Internet access via LTE at the individual locations

High Secured Homeoffice

Home office provisioning presents many a company with unexpected difficulties. It already begins with the currently problematic procurement of end devices such as notebooks/laptops, which cannot be provided and set up quickly enough for the employees.

Employees who are already able to use a home office often have the problem that their IT infrastructure (PC, printer, database, backup system, network) in the office has to cope with a large number of parallel connections via the public Internet. If additional data with a very large volume such as 3D design data or images are processed in a very high quality, the available bandwidth of the company’s public DSL connection is quickly exhausted.

This problem currently exists not only with the company DSL connection, but also with the connection of the employee at home. The establishment of a suitable infrastructure or an adaptation of the existing structure for work from home or on the road is often a costly and planning-intensive undertaking.

cloudKleyer provides interested parties with the necessary components for a successful home office, as a quick immediate help.
cloudKleyer solution:
  • For the servers with databases, document storage, CRM, backup or other applications running at the companies’ premises (on-premises), a copy is made in our data center in Frankfurt am Main.
  • The data center is connected to the public Internet via multiple connections, which guarantees a very high bandwidth and high reliability.
  • The data center has the high security level (TIER3+), which means in addition to access protection, redundant fail-safe power supply and cooling of the IT infrastructure.
The predefined solution includes the following configuration:
  • One server: (Windows 2016, 2 x CPU, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB hard disk)
  • up to 15 workstations: (Windows 10, Office Standard 2019, 2 x CPU, 4 GB RAM, 50 GB hard disk)
  • File Cloud with a capacity of 25 GB
  • If individual settings are required, please let us know.
  • The service can be used free of charge for four weeks and ends automatically (unless the customer continues to order for a fee).
  • In individual cases the trial period can be extended.
High Secured Homeoffice
High Secured Homeoffice cloudKleyer

Secure Corporate Communications

The Matrix communication system is being used more and more by companies and authorities to make communication more secure.

The Matrix is an open communication protocol for real-time communication. The special feature of the Matrix is the integrated encryption.

To use the protocol, the client is required. The Client is a cross-platform free software for chat, IP telephony and video telephony using the Matrix protocols.

All conversations between the participants via the free software are thus secured.

For all those who want to test communication via without obligation, cloudKleyer offers an installed version on its own server in Frankfurt am Main. No additional effort is therefore required for use.

Enterprise email service for companies (Exchange)

Microsoft Exchange Server with payment by mailbox, Software as a Service (SaaS), central management of e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks

Price per mailbox with 5 GB mailbox size

Outlook Exchange Server

    The functionality includes:
  • E-mails
  • Dates/Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Contacts/Addresses
  • Notes
  • Mobile e-mail access via ActiveSync technology
  • E-mail retrieval via POP3/IMAP4, e-mail delivery via SMTP
  • Global Address Book
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Support for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME)
  • Intelligent Anti-Spam Filter: SmartScreen Filter technology, Intelligent Message Filter (IMF)
  • Global acceptance and refusal list (white list/black list)
  • Anti-virus filtering or anti-virus API, with which third-party anti-virus software can be connected
  • Support for Sender ID email authentication protocol
  • Outlook Web App, Web access to the functions of the server
  • Mixed operation with an Office 365 Exchange online service
  • Data Loss Prevention

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