Leasing of IT equipment in Germany with purchase option

Leasing of IT hardware from HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, Juniper for 3 years with the right of redemption: servers, data storage systems, telecommunication equipment and peripherals. Free assistance in selection of components and full information support. Individual configuration in each case. The cost of hardware lease includes all provider services: hosting, connection and maintenance. Hosted in a Tier 3 data center in Germany. Global affiliates around the world: USA, UK and other countries. SLA 99.99%. Connection with channel width from 100 Mb to 10 Gb.


Savings on VAT from 14 to 30% of the budget

Leasing payments can be formalized as company expenses, which will reduce the tax burden.

Fixed leasing cost

The price of leasing hardware is fixed at the time of contract conclusion and does not change, even if in three years a similar new hardware will cost more.

Extended warranty and post-warranty service

While the hardware is under extended warranty, any replacement components are delivered from the manufacturer's warehouse as soon as possible. Post-warranty service is optional (€30 per month): in the event of any component failure, we will find, purchase and replace the components free of charge.

Made in Germany

Secure facilities. Biometric control system in the data center and strict access authorization. 24/7 security checks.

Dedicated Server Lease: Best Deal for Business

Free assistance in selection of components. A full range of services for procurement, placement and administration of hardware.


IT Leasing Services in Frankfurt

Free consulting on leasing servers and IT hardware

Personalized team for your project: administration and management

Responses within 15 minutes 24/7: in messengers, by phone, by e-mail

Multilingual technical support

Why it is profitable to work with us

1. When you make the first payment under the hardware leasing contract, you pay only 2-3% of the cost. For example, if the total cost of the server is €20,000, the first payment will be only €400!

2. If you lease a server rack, we provide Internet with channel width up to 100 Mb free of charge!

3. We are ready to offer dedicated server space in a data center with an area of up to 900 square meters and power supply capacity of up to 8 kW with scalability.

4. The Tier 3 class data center meets the highest security standards and thanks to its own diesel generators can operate autonomously for up to 3 days even in the event of a complete power outage.

5. The hardware is placed in the data center according to the client's requirements, with individual power meters. Connection of a backup uninterruptible power supply with support for N+1 scheme: in case of UPS failure, the backup UPS will be automatically connected.

6. Our technical support team responds to requests within 15 minutes, not 2 hours or several days. Unlike most other providers, we are constantly in touch with our clients even on messengers. You will not be left alone with your problems. Our specialists have many years of experience and will help you to solve any technical issues.

Server Leasing: How It Works Best

Apply and get 7 days free rental for a test!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Payment arrangements and server leasing costs will be fixed in the agreement and will not change. We have maintained our rates for all maintenance services for 10 years already (with the exception of electricity).

The cost of electricity changes from time to time. You can always check with our customer service team for information on rates. Our clients are always notified in advance when electricity rates change.

For each client we are ready to develop an individual hardware leasing contract with flexible payment terms. The total term of the agreement, frequency of payments and calendar terms are fixed in the documents.

The same specialists will always work with your requests. They will always be aware of the features of your project and will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Our technical support team has specialists who are fluent in German, English, Spanish, and Russian.

Charity and care for nature

Helping children with disabilities

100% use of only clean energy and care for the environment

Electricity from renewable energy sources

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