Renting and long-term leasing of servers with unlimited traffic in Germany

Unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth for commercial and industrial IT infrastructures. Hosting with bandwidth from 100 Mb to 10 Gb. SLA 99.99%.

VPS/VDS rental in Germany, data center in Frankfurt am Main. Customization of any virtual server configuration for any task. Private cloud for business and provision of public cloud with unlimited traffic. Round-the-clock support 365 days a year with the option to communicate in messengers.

Hosting, renting and long-term leasing of dedicated servers with unlimited traffic in Tier 3 data centers in Germany. Global affiliates all over the world: USA, UK and other countries. Unlimited Internet with channel width up to 100 Mb free of charge as a bonus for your project.


Any VPS configuration with unlimited traffic

Creation and customization of any VPS configuration to meet the needs of the client by CloudKleyer specialists.

Selecting location for a server with unlimited traffic

Server location in Germany, Tier 3 data center. Global affiliates all over the world: UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada and other countries. Option to organize a virtual server on the client's premises.

Made in Germany

Two data centers in Germany: Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. Connection to DE-CIX, the world's largest Internet exchange point.

High level of cyber security

Protection from DDoS attacks. VPN. Encryption mechanisms. Centralized incident reporting and monitoring tools.

Free server migration!

We take care of all infrastructure migration preparations including project planning, auditing and risk analysis. Free transport relocation within the geographical boundaries of Germany.



Free consulting and wide range of services

Personalized team for your project: administration and management

Responses within 15 minutes 24/7: in messengers, via phone, via e-mail

Multilingual technical support

Why it is profitable to work with us

1. Our technical support team responds to requests within 15 minutes, not in 2 hours or a few days. Unlike most other providers, we are constantly in touch even in messengers. You will not be left alone with your problems. Our specialists have many years of experience, they will help you to solve any technical issues.

2. The contract term and billing can be customized. The cost of renting VPS with unlimited traffic is fixed in the agreement and does not change. We have kept the prices for our services for 10 years already (except for electricity).

3. The hardware is located in Tier 3 data center. Secured premises. Biometric control system in the data center and strict access authorization. 24/7 security checks.

4. Data centers in all countries meet the highest standards of fault tolerance and, thanks to their own diesel generators, can operate autonomously for up to 3 days even in the event of a complete power outage.

5. You do not need to be in the data center to configure the server. Our specialists will help you with hardware configuration as part of the "Remote Hands" service.

6. The world has almost completely run out of free IP4 addresses. We are ready to provide not only hosting with unlimited traffic for your infrastructure, but also a large stock of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Renting and long-term leasing of servers with unlimited traffic in Germany. Service provider in Frankfurt am Main. Technical support in messengers!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We use Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine for virtualization. This allows us to run multiple operating systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris.

If the agreement specifies a connection speed of 10 Gbps, it means that your server will have exactly that bandwidth.

We offer each client a free 7-days trial period to test the virtual server. After the end of the trial period you will be able to change the configuration.

The server rooms are kept at a constant temperature of + 24°C. For this purpose, we use indirect adiabatic cooling and the principle of hot aisle containment. The backup air conditioning system is organized according to the N+2 scheme: even in case of simultaneous failure of two air conditioners at once, they will be automatically replaced by the backup ones.

The same specialists will always work with your requests. They will always be aware of your project features.

Our support team has technicians who are fluent in German, English, Spanish and Russian.

Charity and care for nature

Helping children with disabilities

100% use of only clean energy and care for the environment

Electricity from renewable energy sources

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