Disaster recovery services and data backup for business and industry

Disaster recovery services and data backup for business and industry from CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH - one of the largest service providers in Europe. Services for designing, building, maintaining, supporting and monitoring parallel IT infrastructure. Out-of-the-box solutions from global disaster recovery software developers.

Creation of distributed infrastructure with high resilience. Nine Tier 3 data centers worldwide: Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands and other countries. Remote server monitoring. Cybersecurity services and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks.

The whole range of services for IT infrastructure relocation. Conducting a comprehensive audit and drawing up a technical relocation plan. Disconnection and replacement of old hardware. Transportation and connection at the new location. Installation of new hardware and software. Creation of detailed technical documentation for IT infrastructure of any scale.

Free consulting services. Unlimited Internet with speed up to 100 Mb free of charge as a bonus for your project. High availability of disaster recovery systems. SLA 99.99%.


High level of security for backup systems

Protection against DDoS attacks. Encryption mechanisms. VPN. Centralized reporting and incident monitoring tools. Biometric control system in the data center and strict access authorization. 24/7 security checks.

Made in Germany

One-stop server monitoring center in a Tier 3 data center in Frankfurt am Main. Connection to DE-CIX, the world's largest Internet exchange point. Possibility to cross-connect Internet from different providers.

Server configuration for disaster recovery

Selection of components from the world's leading manufacturers: HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, and Juniper. We have support contracts with most of the world's largest manufacturers of components. If you have any problems with your hardware, you can contact us directly.

Complete IT infrastructure maintenance

If the warranty period for your hardware expires, we will take responsibility for technical support. All failed components will be replaced by our specialists free of charge if the client pays a monthly subscription fee.

Solutions and pricing

Acronis Backup
Volume up to 100 Gb 101-500 Gb 501-1000 Gb 1001 Gb and larger
Cost for 1 Gb per month 0.1€ 0.085€ 0.075€ 0.06€
Veeam Backup & Replication
License Storage Virtual machine
Cost per month 0,05€ for 1 Gb 11€

Free bonuses for all clients

Free 7-day AI server test period with the option to change configuration after the end of the test period. Free server to cloud migration services including project planning, auditing and risk analysis.



Free consulting and a wide range of services

Personalized team for your project

Quick replies 24/7 in messengers, via phone, via e-mail

Multilingual technical support

Why it is profitable to work with us

1. CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH is one of the largest cloud providers in Europe. We offer hosting for business and industry as well as all disaster recovery and backup services, maintenance, administration and monitoring of IT infrastructure of any scale.

2. Our technical support team responds to requests within 15 minutes, not 2 hours or several days. Unlike most other service providers, we are constantly in touch with our clients, even in messengers. You will not be left alone with your problems. Our specialists have years of experience and will help you solve any technical issues.

3. We work directly with the world's leading vendors: HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, and Juniper. If you have any problems, you can always contact us directly.

4. To organize backup and create parallel infrastructure, we are ready to lease hardware from the world's leading manufacturers for 3 years and 5 years with the right of redemption: servers, data storage systems, telecommunications hardware and peripherals.

5. For your infrastructure in the data center, we are ready to provide connection capacity up to 8 kW and more. Connection of a backup uninterruptible power supply with N+1 support scheme: in case of UPS failure, a backup UPS will be automatically connected.

6. Your technical specialists do not need to be in the data center. We provide console access from our own hardware, allowing you to monitor signals from both the data center and the client side. Your engineers and system administrators can configure hardware from their desk using console access.

7. We are ready to coordinate all stages of technical work and keep in touch with all parties involved in IT infrastructure maintenance and support. Whenever a software or hardware vendor's technical specialist is required, we arrange a meeting and he arrives at the data center.

8. We are ready to build and configure a parallel infrastructure from scratch. All new hardware, including unique and expensive one, is sent to our data center for inspection. We unpack it, check it against the component list, take pictures and send this information to the client's IT department. After receiving the distribution and cabling plan, we connect the infrastructure ourselves and perform all technical work.

9. The contract term and billing can be customized. The cost is fixed in the agreement and does not change. We have kept our prices the same for 10 years already (except for electricity).

Free IT infrastructure relocation and transportation within Germany!

When relocating outside of German borders, only transportation costs are charged!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, we can. Our specialists will conduct an audit and analyze the operating systems for compliance with technical standards and business requirements. Conducting an audit allows you to assess the current state of affairs and prepare a plan for backup, updating, optimizing or reforming the IT infrastructure.

Our specialists help to select hardware configuration according to client requirements, purchase, install and customize it. You will be able not only to rent, but also to make updates and modifications. You will also have the option to redeem the hardware and register its units as your assets.

We can offer you a hosting with channel width from 100 Mb to 10 Gb, as well as unlimited Internet for free, with speed up to 100 Mb as a bonus for your project. Also there is an option to organize cross Internet connection from different providers.

Optical/thermal fire detectors are located on 2 levels: ceiling and raised floor. We use active Internal fire extinguishing systems. You can select the hardware room with both active and passive fire protection.

The server rooms are maintained at a constant temperature of +24°C. For this purpose, we use indirect adiabatic cooling and the principle of hot aisle containment. The backup air conditioning system is organized according to the N+2 scheme: even in case of simultaneous failure of two air conditioners at once, they will be automatically replaced by backup ones.

In most cases, our clients do not even notice the repair work. We inform them of the repair work when it is completed. If this replacement requires the hardware to be shut down, a period of forced downtime is agreed upon in advance.

The same specialists will always work with your requests. They will always be aware of the features of your project and will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our support team has technicians who speak German, English, Spanish and Russian fluently.

Charity and care for nature

Helping children with disabilities

100% use of only clean energy and care for the environment

Electricity from renewable energy sources

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