AI and ML server rental and leasing. Best virtual and dedicated servers with GPU for neural network training

Rental and leasing of dedicated and virtual servers for AI and ML. Selection of optimal configuration for the project and free setup.

Dedicated AI servers under a long-term leasing contract. The cost of server leasing includes all services of the provider: hosting, connection, and maintenance. Any configurations of virtual servers for work with artificial intelligence. Creation of virtual machines with GPU for deep machine learning.

Components for dedicated AI servers from the world's leading manufacturers: Intel, AMD, HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu. Selection of NVIDIA graphics cards for deployment and training of ML models.

Hosting with channel width from 100 Mb to 10 Gb. Unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth. SLA 99,99%. Hosting and leasing of AI servers in Tier 3 data centers in Germany. Global branch offices around the world: USA, UK and other countries. Unlimited Internet with channel width up to 100 Mb free of charge as a bonus for your project.


9 Tier 3 data centers

Select the region to host your AI server. We have 9 data centers around the world: Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Darmstadt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), New York (USA), Moncton (Canada), and other countries.

Full maintenance for AI servers

If the warranty period for your dedicated server expires, we will take responsibility for maintenance. All failed components will be replaced by our specialists free of charge if the client pays a monthly subscription fee.

High level of security for AI servers

Protection from DDoS attacks. VPN. Encryption mechanisms. Centralized incident reporting and monitoring tools. Biometric control system in the data center and strict access authorization. 24/7 security checks.

Fixed price

The contract term and billing can be customized. The price is fixed in the agreement and does not change. We have kept our prices the same for 10 years (except for electricity bills).

Examples of server configurations for AI

Server CPU RAM Hard drives GPU
DL380a Gen11 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+ 8x 64 GB (512 GB RAM) 2x 7.68 NVME 4x GPU NVIDIA L40 48GB
DL380a Gen11 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+ 8x 64 GB (512 GB RAM) 2x 7.68 NVME 4x GPU NVIDIA L40S 48GB
DL380a Gen11 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+ 16x 64 GB (1024 GB RAM) 2x 7.68 NVME 4x GPU NVIDIA H100 80GB with NVLink
DL380a Gen11 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+ 8x 64 GB (512 GB RAM) 2x 7.68 NVME 8x GPU NVIDIA L4 24GB
DL385 Gen11 2x AMD EPYC 9554 3.1GHz 64-core 16x 64 GB (1024 GB RAM) 2x 7.68 NVME EDSFF 4x GPU NVIDIA L40 48GB

Free 7-day AI server test period with the option to change configuration after the end of the test period. Free server to cloud migration services including project planning, auditing and risk analysis.



Wide range of maintenance and monitoring services for AI servers

Personalized team for your project

Fast responses 24/7 in messengers, via phone, via e-mail

Multilingual technical support

Why it is profitable to work with us

1. We offer free server migration services! Our specialists will take care of all the preparations for the migration, including project planning, audit and risk analysis. We offer free server migration services! Our specialists will take care of the entire preparation of the move, including project planning, audit and risk analysis

2. Our technical support team responds to queries within 15 minutes, not after 2 hours or a few days. Unlike most other providers, we are constantly in touch, even in messengers. You will not be left alone with your problems. Our specialists have many years of experience, they will help to solve any technical issues

3. We have technical support contracts with most of the world's largest hardware manufacturers. If there are any issues with the AI server, you can contact us directly.

4. When you make the first payment on an AI server leasing contract, you pay only 2-3% of the cost. For example, if the total cost of the server is €20,000, the first payment will be just €400!

5. Dedicated AI server is placed in the data center according to the client's requirements, with individual power meters. Connection of a backup uninterruptible power supply with N+1 scheme support: in case of UPS failure, the backup UPS will be automatically connected.

6. The world has almost completely run out of free IP4 addresses. We have a large stock of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that we are ready to offer.

Rental and long-term leasing of AI servers with GPU in Germany. Service provider in Frankfurt am Main. Technical support in messengers!

Apply and get a free lease for 7 days for testing!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

AI servers are built based on Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors. The selection of a specific processor model is made at the system design stage in consultation with the client.

The startup time of the AI virtual server is 3 days from the moment the order is placed.

AI server with GPU can be rented for the period from 1 month.

We offer each client a 7-day free trial of a dedicated or virtual AI server. After the test period is over, you will be able to change the configuration of both physical and virtual servers.

For each client we are ready to develop an individual contract with flexible payment terms. The total term of the agreement, frequency of payments and calendar terms are fixed in the documents.

The same specialists will always work with your requests. They will always be aware of the features of your project and will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our technical support team has specialists who are fluent in German, English, Spanish, and Russian.

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