Direct Connect DE-CIX Frankfurt

DE-CIX is the largest Internet gateway in the world, a common environment for the two-way settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic between major Internet service providers, broadband access providers, web hosts and commercial networks. As a service partner of DE-CIX, СloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH offers direct connection to the Internet and traffic exchange point in Frankfurt am Main.

DE-CIX international

One physical connection
Direct access to all ISPs, service operators, and companies using DE-CIX

4 continents

32 countries

Direct connection to data exchange points in Hamburg, Munich, New York, Dubai, Warsaw, Osaka and other cities around the world

More than 900 network service providers, ISPs and large companies

DE-CIX interwire

Access to the high-speed cloud from the network service provider
СloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH

IP transit with direct connection

to various networks and the world's largest cloud resources.

Reliable fault-tolerant connection

with cross-connection from different providers

High speed (up to 10 Gb).

Transfer of large amount of data with minimal delays

Security and DDoS protection.

Complete isolation from Internet and provision of a dedicated channel

DE-CIX net. Direct Connect to Cloud Service Providers

Direct Connect to DE-CIX allows you to get maximum connection speed with the largest cloud services in the world.

Amazon Web Services

One of the world's largest virtualized environments for hosting your applications and services.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

A cloud platform with a toolbar for computing, storing information and hosting applications. Direct optimized connection to Microsoft 365.

Google Cloud Platform

The largest cloud environment for creating and maintaining commercial applications with the ability to publish on Internet.

IBM Cloud

Rent of virtual machines and dedicated virtual servers in IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Cloud network for embedded support of VMware, Oracle Database and other Oracle products.

Example of direct connection of corporate infrastructure to DE-CIX

Benefits of connecting to the DE-CIX Internet exchange point from the network service provider CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH

SLA 99.99%

Connection with a channel width of up to 10 Gb

Quick replies 24/7 in messengers, via phone, via e-mail

Personalized team for your project, multilingual technical support

Unlimited free Internet connection with a channel width of up to 100 Mb

Free consulting and wide range of services

Direct Connect DE-CIX price

You can use a direct connection to DE-CIX Direct CLOUD in combination with other services and services from CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. In this case, the DE-CIX connection will be a free bonus to the main contract. In other cases, the price of the DE-CIX connection service is discussed individually with each client.


СloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH services

Dedicated server rental and leasing. GPU servers for AI.

Rent of virtual server of any configuration

Hosting for IT infrastructure of any scale

Colocation in Tier 3 data center in Frankfurt am Main

Free migration of infrastructure to the cloud

Server and data center relocation services

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Peering is a settlement-free data exchange between service providers and telecom operators. The data exchange process takes place at Internet service points (peer-to-peer points). Connection to such a point enables you to connect directly to hundreds of networks without the help of intermediaries. Advantages of peering: high speed, stable connection, dedicated channel isolated from the Internet and well protected from DDoS attacks.

An Internet traffic exchange point is a place where service providers and telecom operators exchange data. Data packets are sent to the exchange point and then forwarded directly to the recipient. Internet exchange points in different countries can also communicate with each other and form a single network. To access the entire network, it is enough to connect to one of the exchange points.

We are ready to offer dedicated and virtual servers for high-performance computing, which you can use to store important and confidential data. We will connect the designed and running infrastructure to the DE-CIX exchange point, and you will receive a direct connection to Microsoft Azure Cloud. To each client CloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH offers an individual configuration of hardware for a business project and SLA.

The same specialists will always work with your requests. They will always be aware of the specifics of your project and will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our support team has technical specialists who are fluent in German, English, Spanish and Russian.

For each client we are ready to develop an individual contract with flexible payment terms. The total term of the agreement, frequency of payments and calendar terms are fixed in the documents.

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