We provide you with safe virtual products, digitalise mid-sized businesses and boost the development and growth of startups.

With virtualisation, which emplies the creation of a virtual version of hard- or software objects, we generate virtual devices or services such as computer hardware platforms, storage devices and computer network resources.
This allows us to provide transparency in combining or dividing computer resources, particularly in the server area. We offer the highest data processing speed für your applications.


We provide the highest data processing speed for your applications.


As a high speed internet provider we guarantee a maximal data transfer volume without speed restrictions.

HDD and SSD storage can be used flexibly and depeding on your requirements. You can book a combination of HDD and SSD memory space anytime - also retroactively. Storage sizes start at 100 GB and go up to several TB. We ensure sufficient capacity to save all your data securely.

You can back up your data in a secure environment to ensure its’ retrieval in the case of loss.

We offer managed service without costly licences or unnecessary administrative expenses - flexible and easily expendable. Data storage only in Germany. Access through IMAP, POPS3, exchange & web.

Secure exchanging of files and data by encryption, both for internal and external communication - using cloud storage on our server with the advantage of always knowing where your data is.
It’s the easiest and safest way to use filesharing, synchronising and mobile access for your available storage.

„Virtual Private Network” is encrypted data traffic that prevents your information from being wiretapped and manipulated.

CloudKleyer uses DDos-GUARD - an effective solution for your cloud security - which effectively blocks Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

We provide flexible server housing in a highly secure environment from small units up to full rack in a German computer centre in Frankfurt am Main.

Your business needs the best possible accessability to the internet that guarantees up- and download bandwidth and doesn’t claim to be “shared” or "best effort".

  • Connection to autonomous systems for administration/ usage
  • Personal AS Number
  • Essential for usage of high data volume
  • Internet access with dedicated IP-Address with optional bandwidth

We offer a dedicated and exclusive connection between two or more data centres.

Our domain service ensures that the applications in your registered domain run securly on our cloud.